This article is specifically for consultants - those companies who advise and assist other companies to use their statistics most effectively. Many of our consultants have a number of companies to keep track of, and it can be time consuming to switch in to each account to see what's up. This is where the consultant dashboard comes in to play. Start at "More", then "Client Dashboard".

Each company you are assigned to now displays the graph you've marked as "primary' - giving you a quick glance of when the last value was entered, when their highest value was entered, and a date you've marked to follow up with the client. 

Click the blue company name to see instead a quick view of the graph you've marked as "primary". You can see the most recently entered stats as well as the direction the numbers are moving. 

If you haven't set a primary stat or group yet for a client, click on "Set Up". 

You're now viewing the company details page in the client's company account. Set the primary stat and/or primary stat group, then save the company details.

When you return to your company and dashboard, they'll display.  That's all there is to the Consultant Dashboard!