How do you set a target, or quota line, to appear on a graph? 

On some statistics it's useful to see the actual values achieved laid out on the same graph as the target for this value. We accommodate this by drawing the actual values line in red and black, and the quota line in broken red. Here's a "Promotional Mailings" graph at the beginning of the 4th quarter. At first, no values or quotas are set, so an empty graph displays. 

Now, going to Enter Stats and then Single Stat Entry, I'm going to set the quota for the first week of the quarter, 10/7/2016 to be 1200 since that's approximately where we ended the last quarter. I'll set the quota for the last week of the quarter, 12/31/2016 to 5000, our target for the end of the year. All weeks in between can be left blank. 

On the graph, still selecting the current quarter, I can now see the quotas, even though no actual values have been entered yet. 


Now, as actual values are entered, the graph will update showing those values in comparison to the quota line so you can see at a glance whether you're keeping up with the goal. Don't forget when viewing the graph to keep "quotas" and "current quarter" selected.