There are a lot of terms on UseMyStats. We want to help make it simple to understand. Here's a glossary for a few of our most key words.


Statistic (or stat) Definition - this is, basically, something that you are keeping track of. It is represented by values (see below). Examples of stat definitions: how much Product X was produced, how much money came in, number of inquiries about products, etc.

Value - the value is the numerical representation of an amount. The statistical value is the number you input, while the stat definition is what you are tracking.

Graphs - graphs are visual representations of a trend or history of a stat. They are done on a grid and shown as lines in this system.

Intervals - the interval is the time unit that a stat and/or graph is operating in. The interval options in UseMyStats are daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Quota - a quota is a targeted amount for a stat. It is not the amount done, but the amount that was expected, hoped, or targeted to get done.

Scale - the scale defines the y-axis of the graph, or how high/low the numbers go on the left side of the graph.


These are the most key terms on UseMyStats, but if you're having trouble with anything else, you can always let us know!