Here's some more information on how to connect to QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Download Intuit's Web Connector.
    1. Here's the link:

  2. Install the connector:
    • First, click the "Download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector" link.

    • The file will download and when it's complete, open the file. You may be directed to a confirmation screen, which you should allow by clicking "Run".

    • You're now directed to the "Install Shield Wizard". On the first screen, just click "Next".

    • The next screen covers the licensing agreement with QuickBooks, where you promise to use this integration only for authorized uses. Ensure you have clicked "I accept..." and then click "Next".

    • Now the final confirmation screen, just click "Install".

    • Wait for the status bar to completely install and the "Next" button to become available again.

    • Once the InstallShield Wizard is completed, click "Finish".

3. Open QuickBooks to the company you want to integrate.

4. Download the *.qwc file from the QuickBooks integration "Instructions" page in UseMyStats (click here and then click on "Instructions"). Save it somewhere you can find it again.

5. Now that you have the connector installed, you should be able to find and open it from your computer's start menu.


Next, click the "Add an application" button in the bottom right.

You are prompted to select which application to connect to. Upload the file you downloaded in step 4 above.

Grant access to UseMyStats.

Despite the scary warning, be assured UseMyStats will NEVER alter or your QuickBooks data, this is a strictly one way street from QuickBooks to your graphs. You can feel confident clicking OK. There may be several security and permissions warnings to click through. You should allow UseMyStats permission to access your data even if QuickBooks isn't running. This way we can update your stats any time, whether you have QuickBooks open on your computer or not.

Enter the password provided on the instructions page (step #4 above) in the box to the right and save it.

5. Now make sure QuickBooks is open to the correct company file, and in QuickBooks Web Connector click on the checkbox next to " Quickbooks Integrator" and click the "Update Selected" button (see above image). This will ensure everything gets hooked up correctly.

6. Now that you have the connections complete, you can set up the stats in UseMyStats that you want updated from QuickBooks. Start with the "Statistic" button under "More"

If the statistic you want automatically tracked already exists in your account, use the edit button to the right. Otherwise, use the "Create New" button to create a new stat.

Scroll to the bottom to the "Data Entry Method" section and change the dropdown box to API. Click the new button that appears, "Set Up Data".

In the first dropdown box, select the system this statistic should pull data from, then in the second dropdown box, select the data itself.

Since the link between your UseMyStats account and the outside source is complete, a full list of available data will display in the dropdown box. Set the link for each statistic you need tracked and let it roll!

7. VOILA, your stats should start coming in soon!