Have you ever had a stat that you needed to calculate before you could enter the value? Perhaps you want to know the total hours worked this week, but that means you have to add fifty different employee's hours, by hand. Or you may need to find out the average gross income per employee. Instead of doing the math every time, take advantage of the automatic calculations feature!

There are three ways to calculate statistics on UseMyStats. This article cover calculations involving a direct relationship between two or more separate statistics, as in the examples above.

Once you are logged in, go to "Admin", "Statistic Creation/Editing".

In this case, I am going to set a calculation for Gross Income which will automatically add together the various other income statistics, so I select Gross Income from the dropdown box, and then click "Show Advanced Options".

Near the bottom of the page, click the "Set Automatic Calculation" button.

The title of the calculation automatically defaults to "Calculation for..." and fills in the name of the stat you're using. You can change the name in the box here.

Calculations are built in a specific order. In the case where we're building a relationship between two or more statistics, begin by selecting one of the sub-stats in the dropdown under "Build Calculation". I've selected Coffee Sales as a sub-stat to Gross Income. THEN click "Start With This".

Beneath the "Build Calculation" box you can now see the steps of your calculation coming together. Select the second sub-stat and THEN click which type of operation you're doing to add it to the steps below. Here I've selected Cookie Sales and added it to Coffee Sales.

Continue until you have all sub-stats included in the calculation. Don't forget to save your calculation.

An additional option at this point is to apply your calculation to past weeks. In this case, let's say I've been tracking individual sales for some time but I've just recently added the Gross Income stat. By clicking "Recalculate all values", the Calculation for Gross Income will add together sub-sales for all prior weeks that we have information for and enter the value to the Gross Income statistic If I do not click this button, the calculation will only apply to dates going forward.

While prior weeks are being calculated, the "Recalculate all values" button will change to "Processing". Depending on how many weeks there are to calculate, this may take a minute or two. Stay on the page until the button returns to "Recalculate all values".

The graph for Gross Income now reflects the total for Coffee Sales, Cookie Sales, Donut Sales and Tea Sales. There is no need to enter a value for Gross Income for future weeks. Whatever is entered for the sub-stats will automatically be added together and "entered" by the system for Gross Income.