Have you ever had a graph change range? It may have been steadily in one range, but then things changed and now the range is entirely different? If you have, then you know that it can make it hard to see how up and down the stats really were when looking at the big picture. You can see the difference in range fine, but inside that range it's hard to view. Using the scale feature on your graph, you can easily zoom in on either range and see the rises and falls of the graph in a set range.

First, log in. Then go to "Graphing", "Single Stat Graph".

Select the stat whose graph you want to view.

We'll start with the scaling. As you can see, the regular range of the graph has drastically changed in the last few days.

To adjust the scale, we are going to use this feature.

Type in the range that you would like to have displayed then select "Re-Graph Stat".

Voila! You can now adjust the scale of the graph to display any range that you need to look at!