We are reaching the end of our graphing series. You've learned how to change the interval, create a custom time period, adjust the scale, and generally how to customize how your graph displays. Now you may want to know how to change what your graph displays. For some graphs, it may be helpful to see things like what your actual production was versus what you were trying to get done (your quota). You may want to show more or less information about your graph.


First, log in and go to "Graphing", "Single Stat Graph".

Select the statistic you want to view the graph for. To take these settings off your graph, you simply un-check the box next to the option and then click "Re-Graph Stat".

The new graph will not have any labels, quotas or notes showing.

Selecting labels will display each value next to the corresponding dot on the graph.

Selecting quotas will display a dotted red line indicating any targets you have entered.

Selecting notes will display a larger dot on the entries where a note has been entered. You can view the note by hovering over the dot.

Selecting overlay prior year will display an additional line for last year's data if there is any in the system.

Selecting as accumulating graph will add each week's value to the prior week and display a total on the graph.

Now you know all of the ways to customize your graph and how you view it!