Here's a feature of UseMyStats you may not have noticed before: Stat quotas. Many companies have a clear goal in mind when dealing with statistics. Quotas allow you to see a visual representation of that goal and how close you are at any given time.

There are two locations to enter quotas. Let's begin with entering a single quota for a single stat. Start by going to the "Single Stat Entry" tab under the "Enter Stats" section. To the right is the "Quota Entry" box.

Select the stat you would like to enter quotas for in the dropdown box, then set the date and the targeted value. Click "Save" and the quota is added to the grid below.

But what if you want to enter more than one quota at a time? Just use the "Backlog Entry" tab, as shown below:

Here you may enter quotas over time. In this case, I've opted to enter a new quota every few weeks. How will this appear on the graph?

As you can see, only the quota values I have entered appear on the graph. The dotted line displays between entered values so you can see at a glance the targeted value for each week. The graph has been automatically re-scaled to display the highest and lowest quotas during this time period.

To view the graph without the quotas displayed, uncheck the "Quotas" option to the left and then click "Re-Graph Stat". The graph will automatically re-scale and display without the quotas shown:

That's just a quick overview of how quotas work. Take some time to play around with quotas on your statistics!