What do you do when a stat was entered on the wrong week? Or when an entered value needs to be changed? How do you see the history of entries and changes on a particular statistic? These things are all done on the "Statistics" page under the "More" menu:

To make corrections to past entries, click the eraser icon to the right of the grid.

You now have several options:

1) Select the statistic you would like to work with in the dropdown box, the relevant date, and click "Show History".

2) Enter the revised value in the first box, and click "Save". If this stat is involved in any calculations (for example, a calculation which would add each individual employee's hours worked for a total company-wide hours worked value), select "Update Calculations" and all associated calculations will be corrected with the new value.

3) Stat and quota histories are displayed below, including when the data was originally entered, by which user, and the current status (reported, finalized, etc.). You may delete past history using the trash can on the left.

In the final box, any notes entered relevant to this statistic and date will display, including who entered the note and when, and an option to delete the note on the left.

All changes you make on this page will be added into the stat history for a complete record of every stat your company keeps!