Creating a new stat is quick and easy - especially if you want to stick with the basic settings! Start here, at "More", then "Statistics".

Now click the "Add Stat" button on the left. 

  1. Enter a name for your new stat.
  2. Set the time period (whether this stat reflects a day's production, week's production, month's production, etc.)
  3. Select the number of decimal places you would like displayed, and whether you would like 0's to display if the decimal place does not have a value. For example, if the #of Decimals is set to 2 and "Always Show Decimals" is selected, the value four will show on the graph as "4.00".

You now have the option to either save your stat, or save and go directly to the values entry page. 

There are additional options for each statistic which can be accessed by clicking the arrow next to ""Advanced Settings", but for simplicity, this article only covers the basics of how to create a new stat. To see the Advanced Settings information, click the link here