If you're new to UseMyStats, have a new employee, or are simply having a new person input stats, you might like to know how to add a new user. You also may need to know how to change the name, email address, etc. of one of your users. Here is a step by step guide to the users section.

Once you log in, go to "More", then "Users".

If you're adding a new person, click "Create New". Otherwise to edit an existing user, click the editing wrench. 

Enter the user's name, email address, and password. The second email box is the email address that should be used for reminders such as a stat being entered in a non-viable range, reminders that stats have not been entered, etc. For security reasons, you can click the "Make User Change Password?" checkbox which will prompt this person to create their own new password the first time they log in.

Now set the user's graphing settings if necessary. 

Primary Graph Symbol: 

Use this setting to override the standard diamond on graphs and replace with the symbol selected. 


Here I've replaced the diamonds with hearts. 

Use Thick Lines on Graphs:

This creates a thick heavy line on the graphs. 

Outline Graph Labels For Clarity: 

This setting displays the values on the graph with a small white outline to set it aside from the other lines on the screen.

Use Old Style, Non-zoomable Graphs: 

This setting shouldn't be needed. It's here for old users of our original system and those with very old browsers. New users should have no need to change it.

Finally, set the user's system permissions.

Site Admin: 
A Site Admin has access to view and edit user information, company-wide statistics, and company details for his own company. He may also view statistics for sub-companies, but may not edit them.

Stat Admin: 
A Stat Admin has access to view and edit company-wide statistics for his own company. He has no access to sub-companies.

Allow to Switch Companies:
A user with this permission may view and edit company-wide statistics in a sub-company, but may not edit company-wide statistics in his own company.

A Consultant may view and edit company-wide statistics, user profiles, and company details in all sub-companies.

Limited Consultant: 
A Limited Consultant may view and edit company-wide statistics, user profiles, and company details in sub-companies that are labeled with this person as the consultant.

Limited User: 
A limited user is only allowed to see their own personal stats and any statistics that have been explicitly shared to the limited user.

Once you're done, click the "Save" button. The deactivate button will not delete a user from the company, but they will no longer be able to log in or enter stats.

That covers the Basic Information tab. The other tabs are not required, but provide you with further information about the user and their access. 


This tab shows you which stats the user has access to and what that access entails. An x in the section means the user doesn't have that level of access for this statistic.


Similarly, this tab shows you which groups the user has access to, and what that access entails. 


As you use the system, you can earn trophies for accessing new areas, creating calculations, making a group, etc. The more trophies you achieve the easier the system will be to use. A blue user next to the icon indicates the user has achieved the trophy. To find out what the trophy indicates, hover over the icon. 

My Messages: 

This tab contains messages from us to you. Periodically we put out new help information and blog posts about what we're up to and how it affects your account. This is where you can access our messages. 

Now you can add, remove, or edit your users as much as you need!